Grant Glidewell

Grant, probably smiling


Grant Texasborn of house Glidewell. First of his name, the free thinking skeptic, king of caffeination, explorer of the JavaScript, quick mover and breaker of things, discoverer of solutions, father of Logan.


I like dogs, coffee, and over engineered equipment. I am an avid hobbyist, these hobbies include but are not limited to building keyboards, playing golf, auto racing, photography, travel, home automation, and film/tv critique.


I enjoy contributing to open source projects, particularly server rendered React frameworks. In my spare time I write blog posts and make videos intended to help developers progress in their technical skills. I aim to do my part in building the dev community.


  • Software Engineer - DocuSign
  • Sr. JavaScript Engineer - Third and Grove
  • Front End Engineer - Platform
  • Software Engineer - Applied Statistics and Management


HTML ° CSS ° JavaScript ° React ° SQL ° JSON ° GIT ° MongoDB ° Redux ° Webpack ° Gatsby ° GraphQL ° TypeScript